YWCA New Britain

The Cat in the Hat Visits Classrooms for Read Across America Week

By Shaunna Cullen

The first week of March, YWCA New Britain’s childcare classrooms participated in Wild, Wacky Week, which is a part of the larger Read Across America Week campaign. This campaign began 20 years ago in 1997 by the National Education Association’s reading task force as a way to get children exciting about reading. This is the largest celebration of reading across America.  

“Motivating children to read and nurturing the love of reading is an important factor in student achievement and success.  It is a researched fact that children who are motivated and spend more time reading do better in school,” said Michele Eathorne, YWCA's Childcare Director of Curriculum and Education.

Each day during Wild, Wacky Week there was a theme for the children to dress up. Monday was mismatched sock day, Tuesday was wear green day, Wednesday was wacky Wednesday, Thursday was hat day, and Friday students dressed up as their favorite book character. In addition to the themes, a Dr. Seuss book was read in each classroom throughout the week. Many classrooms encouraged the students to help out with rhyming words, a pattern in which Dr. Seuss is know for,in addition to his creative made up words, and unique characters. 

On Thursday, all the classrooms had a special visitor: The Cat in the Hat. 


"The kids really enjoyed being able to come to school each day in a different outfit, they loved the favorite book character day.  They even liked the new books that were brought into the classroom," said Dinosaur classroom teacher Thea Trimble. 

Most classrooms had parents who signed up to read to the children. Teachers also were switching it up and visiting neighboring classrooms to read. 



Although Crazy, Wacky Week is over, all classrooms read daily to improve student's vocabulary, literacy and imagination.