Guard Children’s Health and Wellness Against Spring Allergies

By Linda Boucher, RN

Happy spring!  Don’t we all welcome these longer days of sunlight, the green grass, the rebirth of foliage on our trees, and all those lovely flowers in bloom once again?  Of course we do!

Well, even if it's not the first thing you associate with spring, it also often brings about seasonal allergies, asthma, or even eczema.  As children's delicate immune systems struggle to adjust to the weather changes, fluctuating temperatures, and pollen, the stress that Mother Nature imposes in the process can easily lead to upper respiratory infections, bouts of serious, severe asthmatic bronchitis, and eczema.

Ongoing stressful situations, without adequate relaxation and sleep, account for 99% of all illness, which in this case, is brought on by the body’s ongoing exhaustive battles with spring’s relentless changes in weather and pollen.

So, what can we do to help our children affected to guard their health and wellness? 

  • Be sure they eat a well-balanced diet and get adequate sleep daily.  
  • Don’t be too hasty to have them shed their coats, hats, and jackets! 
  • Be aware that sugar feeds bacteria and dairy products feed inflammation. 
  • For eczema, add vitamin D supplements.

You can ask your pediatrician for more information.


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