Meet Pat

Pat Artus remembers coming to YWCA New Britain for step aerobic fitness and swimming classes 25 years ago when her children were young.  She said there was a group of mothers who had a babysitting co-op and would take turns watching the children while mothers went to exercise.  “Everyone was so friendly and encouraging, it was nice to bring my kids,” said Pat.

But, being a small business owner, Pat rarely had time for herself.  With so many projects going on at once, her fitness routine fell to the wayside.

Then on a trip to Maui, Hawaii, Pat took a yoga class with her sister-in-law. She liked the class a lot and was curious if the YWCA back home offered anything similar.  She was excited to learn that we did, and re-joined again a couple years ago.

Coming back to the YWCA led Pat in a direction she found welcoming and familiar. “I didn’t feel intimidated, even after coming back after such a long time,” said Pat.

After attending the Wednesday night yoga class for a few weeks, Pat became well acquainted with a group of women who took the class regularly. Friendships formed, and they invited her to join them at a toning class they all attended together as well.

As Pat established her fitness routine and started making new friends, she became more and more motivated. She began frequenting the Qigong class and using the fitness center.

Pat said she enjoys the supportive atmosphere of the fitness center and is happy it’s never too crowded to get on a machine. She said she also appreciates that staff are more than willing to help you learn how to use the weight machines or simply to show you a new exercise.

Working out at the YWCA has helped Pat get in better shape and stay healthy.  But her experience has been good for her mind, body, and soul too.

“I’m so happy to be back!” said Pat.

We’re so happy to have you, Pat!  Mahalo!