By preschool age, children are making new discoveries every day and increasing their independence.  Preschool is a critically important step in preparing children for kindergarten.  YWCA New Britain's preschool program helps to prepare children for kindergarten by offering developmentally appropriate ways to learn new skills within a play-based learning environment.  Each day is filled with fun activities that help children grow socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.

Teachers plan activities while considering the needs of individual children, the needs of the group, and the goals set forth in The Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework.  Our curriculum guide provides children with activities and experiences based upon sound theory and practice relating to children's growth and development to help them develop a love of learning.

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Jeancarlo Goes to Kindergarten!

During his first few weeks at YWCA New Britain preschool, Jeancarlo was climbing furniture, having trouble listening to his teachers, throwing temper tantrums, and having difficulty sitting still.

Marcia, Jeancarlo’s mother, describes her son as having a challenging personality and strong will. “[His previous daycare] suggested I try YWCA childcare due to Jeancarlo’s behavioral challenges. They thought the YWCA was better equipped to handle his energy,” said Marcia. 

Ms. Diana, head teacher of the Jaguars preschool classroom, suggested an evaluation to see if Jeancarlo may have possible sensory processing issues or a learning disability.  After testing was completed, those two conditions were ruled out.  Read more.

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