Liz Halla-Mattingly is not only SACS Volunteer Coordinator she is also a knitting enthusiast.

Liz learned how to knit in high school and has been knitting for over 16 years. She admits that when she first began she was never really good at finishing projects and would get help from her mother. She began finishing projects and putting in more effort when she became pregnant with her daughter Winnie, now 6 years old. 

“I enjoyed making baby sweaters for Winnie, it was so rewarding to put them on her and see it all come together,” said Liz. 

Some unique projects Liz has done in the past few years include a tire cozy for her car’s spare tire and Pussyhats for the Women’s March on Washington. In 2014, she entered a child’s sweater and a shawl into a contest at the Berlin fair. They both won first place and the shawl also won Best in Show.

Practice and concentration definitely have something to do with this talent, but knitting has been a hobby for many women in her family.  “I own handmade items from five generations of women in my family,” said Liz.  Liz’s current knitting projects include sweaters for her friend’s children, shawls, and smaller items such as hats or mittens for her family members and herself.

Beyond knitting, Liz enjoys spending time with her family riding bikes and having impromptu dance parties at home. She is busy working on her master’s degree in social work at UCONN, as well as interning for Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund. She has also been appointed as a Justice of the Peace in New Britain since 2016.

Fun Facts:

Favorite food-Pizza

Currently watching on Netflix- The Defenders, This is Us, The Good Place

Favorite book- She Came to Stay, The Blind Assassin

Dream vacation destination-Peaks Island

Hobbies- Knitting

Favorite color– Bright blue

Pets- Two dogs: Harper & Chuy and a cat named Lucy

Favorite band- They Might Be Giants, has seen them in concert over 10 times, got autograph from band member Lynelle