Getting to Know Shannon Ehle

Name: Shannon Ehle

Position: Pandas preschool teacher

Hometown: West Hartford

Length of service at YWCA: 4 years

Favorite food: Milk chocolate

Favorite book: The Hobbit

Favorite place: Hammonassett State Park and home

Favorite movie: Anything Marvel or Star Wars

Watching on Netflix: Stranger Things, West Wing


Shannon chose her four-month-old daughter Eleanor’s name because it is “strong and feminine.”

When she was due to come back to work from family leave to the Pandas classroom at YWCA New Britain, she admits the idea was a little nerve-wracking.  She was coming back at a time when the school year had already started, and she didn’t get to meet her students or their parents when they first came in.  She was adjusting to being a new mom, settling into a new routine, and had to get herself and her daughter ready and out the door in the morning.  Fortunately, Shannon was able to bring Eleanor to work with her since she was going to be in the Infant Room right down the hall.

Shannon was familiar with the teachers in the Infant Room, and she said that was what made her feel comfortable leaving her daughter in their care. It was reassuring that Eleanor was close by, making the transition back to work easier.  “I see the children who come from our Infant/Toddler program at the YWCA and they love to learn. They have better ‘learning language,’ social skills, and know how to pick up knowledge,” Shannon said about why she wanted her daughter to come with her to the YWCA.

Shannon is enjoying being a new mother and is already applying her teaching experience to her parenting.  She said she wants her daughter to be a lifelong learner and that she has been reading to her since before she was born.