Jeancarlo Goes to Kindergarten!

During his first few weeks at YWCA New Britain preschool, Jeancarlo was climbing furniture, having trouble listening to his teachers, throwing temper tantrums, and having difficulty sitting still.

Marcia, Jeancarlo’s mother, describes her son as having a challenging personality and strong will.  Ms. Diana, head teacher of the Jaguars classroom, and the classroom assistant teachers were proactive in helping Jeancarlo find the best way to meet his needs and manage his behavior. They kept a log where they would record any triggers to his behaviors in order to see if they could pinpoint certain activities that made him upset or specific times of the day when he was having a particularly hard time.  Marcia said there was constant communication between herself and Jeancarlo’s teachers.

“Ms. Diana even noticed that when his father dropped him off, he had an especially hard time going to class. She gave us advice on how to handle that type of situation. I was impressed she picked up on something like that,” said Marcia. The staff worked with Jeancarlo and his parents to make changes to their drop-off and pick-up routine and suggested things they could do at home to help with the transition.

The teachers determined that Jeancarlo had difficulty with change and transitions.  The big move from daycare to preschool at a new center was a lot for him to handle.  The teachers came up with a plan to best help Jeancarlo and introduce him to change a little bit at a time.

“After getting over this initial hump of challenges, Jeancarlo began doing much better and has loved being at the YWCA,” said Marcia.  She goes on to say that the teachers and staff were so kind and caring, helping the whole family every step of the way.  She is so glad she made the choice to bring Jeancarlo to YWCA New Britain.

Jeancarlo just recently started kindergarten at Smith Elementary School. He still attends YWCA’s before and after school care program. Marcia said while this transition to elementary school has been another challenge, she has a better understanding of Jeancarlo’s needs and feels more equipped to help him.  She thanks the teachers and staff at YWCA New Britain for helping to prepare Jeancarlo for kindergarten and setting him off on a path to success in school.  Congrats Jeancarlo!