You know that natural, feel-good high you get from a good workout?  Well, here is another way to get it: give it. 

We invite you to make an additional monthly gift to our Put Your Heart Into It program along with your automatic YWCA New Britain fitness membership payment. 

What is Put Your Heart Into It?  We offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships to members who may not be able to afford the full price of membership.  By tacking on an additional dollar amount to your monthly membership fee, you can help others get in shape, stay healthy, and improve their mind, body, and soul.  Even an additional $1 per month makes a difference.





Life hasn’t always been easy for YWCA New Britain member Carmen Trinidad.  She has suffered from depression, first became pregnant at 16 years old, dropped out of high school, used drugs, is a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, and lost custody of her three children.

Carmen knew she wasn’t making good choices but didn’t know how to change.  She felt empty and alone and often turned to food for comfort.  She gained weight, developed health problems, and was uncomfortable with the way she looked and felt.  She found herself in a particularly low and challenging time.

Read more about how support from the Put Your Heart Into It Scholarship helped Carmen turn her life around.