Where Do You Stand?

Let’s face it, sexual assault is NOT just a woman’s issue!  SACS is part of the Connecticut Campaign to engage men to stand up against sexual violence. Where Do You Stand? Connecticut campaign was created by Men Can Stop Rape, a national organization redefining masculinity and male strength as part of preventing men’s violence against women.  Men Can Stop Rape trained Connecticut advocates to utilize bystander intervention theory and techniques to equip men with the tools necessary to take a stand against all forms of sexual violence.

Why focus on men?

Where Do You Stand? Connecticut campaign empowers men to use their voice, influence, and actions to become a part of the solution. Statistically speaking, most men in our society believe it is wrong to rape a woman. However, majority of these men also live and participate in a culture which supports, glorifies, and justifies violence against women and girls. This bystander intervention program engages men in addressing the cultural norms which support sexual violence. It will help to give men the necessary tools and confidence to help hold other men accountable for their active participation in this culture, resulting in efforts to prevent sexual violence.

What is bystander intervention?

Bystander intervention aims at empowering each of us to be active in responding to and preventing sexual violence. Bystander intervention quite simply means having a willingness to take action when it’s needed. Ending sexual violence and all forms of oppression, will take a lot of collective work. We all need to be willing to take action to challenge cultures that support and allow sexual violence to occur. Bystander intervention techniques can involve a wide range of interventions from being direct to creating a distraction. Bystander interventions provide men with useful tools to stop a range of negative behaviors and to create spaces where everyone is safe and respected. 

Can we really prevent sexual violence?

Yes, sexual violence is preventable. Sexual violence affects entire communities; therefore, solutions also need to engage entire communities. Violence prevention aims at stopping violence before it occurs and requires an understanding of the factors that influence violence. It is important to take into consideration the complex relationship that individuals have with the world around them and how that influences their behaviors. Sexual violence can be prevented by using comprehensive, multifaceted strategies that empower both individuals and communities to address attitudes, cultures and actions that contribute to rape culture. 

All information provided by CONNSACS.

What can I do?

The Where Do You Stand? Campaign empowers each of us to be active in responding and preventing sexual violence.  By using our voice, influence, and actions, we become part of the solution.  Through using bystander intervention, we address the cultural norms which support sexual violence.  Sexual violence CAN be prevented by using strategies that empower both individuals and communities to address attitudes, cultures, and actions that contribute to rape culture.  If YOU want to help stop sexual violence in our community, please sign a free pledge today by contacting Jen Oliver at 860-225-4681 x203 or joliver@ywcanewbritain.org.

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