Help Declare Racism as a Public Health Crisis in CT

Systemic and structural racism play a large role in determining the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age, and affects people’s access to quality housing, education, food, transportation, political power, and other social determinants of health. Racism also has negative mental and physical health consequences such as depression, anxiety, hypertension, preterm birth, shortened life span and poor quality of life. Understanding and addressing racism from this public health perspective is crucial to eliminating racial and ethnic inequities, and to improving opportunity and well-being across communities.

Racism has been declared a public health crisis in 5 states, 182 municipalities, entities, and organizations, including 20 municipalities in Connecticut.

Declaring racism as a public health crisis in Connecticut is an important first step in the movement to advance racial equity and justice.  YWCA New Britain proudly stands alongside statewide partners, allies, and community champions calling for our state leaders to address racism as a public health crisis through declaration and transformative legislation. 

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