Mission & Vision

At YWCA we demand a world of equity and human decency. We envision a world of opportunity. We commit ourselves to the work of justice. Every day, we get up and do the work.

In communities big and small, YWCAs turn on the lights and open the doors to answer the cry for justice. We offer counseling to women seeking safer lives. We take care of children, so their families can build their futures. We dismantle systemic racism, because the future deserves all of us. Our communities demand justice in a thousand different ways. We get up and do the work.

We are fearless movers. We are innovative shakers. We move justice out of our doors and into the power structures that determine the future.  At YWCA, we are eliminating racism and empowering women. We will get up and do the work until injustice is rooted out, until institutions are transformed, until the world sees women, girls, and people of color the way we do: Equal. Powerful. Unstoppable.

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How YWCA Made a Difference in 2020

270 children ages 6 weeks to 5 years received quality care and education through our nationally-accredited childcare program, and parents were able to go to work knowing their children were safe, learning, and having fun.

49 mothers who face social, economic, and educational barriers or have not completed high school persevered through a pandemic to participate in our Family Literacy Center. These determined women studied to learn the English language and/or obtain their GED certification to further their education or become gainfully employed.

124 students had a safe and stimulating place to spend their time before and after school, and during virtual days for learning.

88 students were given a safe, comfortable place to learn and have fun after school through the STRIVE program for middle school girls.

64 high school girls were served through the House of Teens teen center, giving them the opportunity to learn job readiness skills, participate in advocacy activities, learn about healthy choices, and much more. Both the STRIVE and House of Teens programs were offered in-person and virtually.

139 people participated in our first 21 Day Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge designed to create dedicated time and space to build more effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership.

After pivoting to offer both in-person and virtual fitness and wellness, we empowered 260 members to take charge of their health, stay active, and meet their fitness goals.

Over 250 virtual group exercise classes were offered.

The total enrollment for dance classes was 354 last year. Dancers worked hard all year to proudly dazzle spectators with their grace and beauty at the annual recital, which was safely held at Walnut Hill Park over the summer.

51 karate students learned self-defense, respect, coordination, and discipline.

647 people received comfort, compassion and counseling provided by our Sexual Assault Crisis Service (SACS), helping victims and their families regain feelings of independence, optimism, and hope.

SACS volunteers contributed 6,827 hours of their time to help survivors of sexual assault.

25 students completed Counselor Advocate Training class.

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