Meet Lisa

Lisa Iacobucci first came to the YWCA for a networking event in February. She saw the gym while on a tour of the building, and couldn’t help but think about how she had been struggling with her weight and energy levels for quite some time. She decided then and there to take control of her wellness and sign up for a fitness membership.

Lisa started off by attending group exercise classes. She says, “The instructor, Denise, she made me feel really welcome…and everybody was just so nice and helped me, which I really, really liked, so it made me come back to my second class a week later.”

Unfortunately, COVID-19 closed the building before Lisa could continue the in-person classes. But that didn’t stop her.

The YWCA fitness team quickly pivoted to offer virtual classes. Lisa stuck with the classes, and soon found she was attending every single one. It was a great way to try new things and find what she liked best (yoga!). The virtual options and support have motivated her even more to workout and stay on track.

Lisa says, “I have a lower back problem, because I had surgery years ago…every single instructor is so good about modifying a workout, which I love…if I can’t do [an exercise], at least I can do something else and still actually partake in the whole class.” Lisa appreciates the modifications that are made for each workout because she feels like she can still accomplish them.

Another reason why Lisa enjoys being a member of the YWCA is that she doesn’t feel judged. At larger facilities, she sometimes felt overwhelmed by the number of people with seemingly more fitness knowledge, and with the complexity of the machines and equipment. Lisa is more comfortable at the YWCA, and appreciates the personal connections with instructors and other members. This allows her to focus more on meeting her goals of losing weight, getting in shape, and feeling better overall.

The fitness center is open again, and Lisa has been visiting. There are still many virtual options available and she continues to take advantage of those, too. Lisa likes that she can attend a class late at night or early in the morning from home, and says having this flexibility has helped to better meet her needs and schedule. She also did three virtual classes while on vacation, proving that they are so convenient you can do them anywhere.

Lisa lost 17 pounds by participating in virtual YWCA group exercise classes during quarantine and is excited to continue her fitness journey both at home and in-person. She is so happy she made the commitment to herself, and that she found a community to guide and support her along the way. She “can’t say enough good things” about YWCA fitness.



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