The YWCA New Britain School of Dance is the #1 dance studio in New Britain.  We strive to empower our students to build confidence and self-esteem while bringing out the grace and beauty in each of them.  Our goal is to teach our students the discipline and art of dance by exploring the different facets that make it a unique art form.  We promote acceptance of all levels of abilities, while encouraging and fostering leadership in our girls.

YWCA aims to bring out the natural ability in all our dancers and guide them as they develop a technical and creative talent they can be proud of.  Students are grouped within each class according to age and ability and are encouraged to achieve at their own pace.  With our combination of classic dance instruction and imaginative choreography, our dance staff is focused on guiding our dancers in their journey of self-expression and nurturing an appreciation for music, dance, movement, and art.


  • Dedicated and dynamic staff

  • Artistic and creative choreography

  • Number one dance studio in New Britain!

  • Classes for all levels

  • Encouraging and nurturing atmosphere


Fall Dance season 2022-2023 registration is now closed. Be watching for our Spring/ Summer Sessions. For more information please contact Chris Kuzia 860-225-4681 x213 or email



“I love dancing at the YWCA because it is a second home to me. I know it is a place where I am accepted and able to be myself. Everyone here supports each other and every week I can’t wait to go to dance class.”

-Elizabeth Farrell

“I love dance because I have become more comfortable with expressing myself and it has become a second family to me.”

- Claire Palin

"I love to dance at the YWCA because of the diverse people and the friendships I have formed."

- Gabrielle Fulton


YWCA Dance Team

YWCA New Britain's award-winning School of Dance offers our students a way to take their training to the next level as part of our competitive dance team.  Dance team members participate in additional classes, intensive training, optional private lessons, and various performance opportunities in Connecticut and surrounding states to build their confidence.  The dance team stresses discipline, perseverance, and good sportsmanship.  Learn more.

Meet Our Instructors

Morgan was a student at the YWCA for 15 years and was a student teacher for many years. Student teaching helped her discover her passion for working with children. Morgan loves working with our dancers and helping them learn and grow into the amazing dancers they will become. The YWCA was such a huge part of Morgan’s life and she loves to be part of inspiring the younger students. Meet our instructors

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